Right Combination of Immunosuppressive Drugs May Lead to Less Organ Rejection and Long-term Benefits

12 December 2012

Preventing organ rejection for kidney transplants without compromising other aspects of health requires a delicate balance of medications.  Finding this balance and the correct dosage of drugs has been difficult for physicians.  For example, immunosuppressive drugs that protect transplanted organs can also cause serious side effects, including compromising patients’ immunity to infection, cancer, and other [...]

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How to Care for Urinary Incontinence

02 December 2012

Urinary incontinence is a condition that results in the involuntary loss of urine.  It is a condition that affects millions of American men and women.  As we age, our body undergoes many changes.  Some of these changes involve the urinary tract and may lead to incontinence as men and women get older. Both men and women [...]

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Paint Exposure May Increase Bladder Cancer Risk

16 November 2012

A new meta-analysis study published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine reported that people who work with paint in their jobs seem to be at a 25% increased risk of bladder cancer. An additional study that controlled for smoking status discovered a similar result, leading the researchers to conclude a casual relationship between paint exposure [...]

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Healthy Bladder-Friendly Foods

08 November 2012

Millions of Americans suffer from bladder infections, inflammation, and general bladder discomfort today.  But did you know that eating certain foods can actually help prevent such problems from ever starting?  For years physicians and dieticians have been recommending healthy foods, and now urologists have jumped in.  Try including these five foods to your diet and [...]

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Reprogrammed Kidney Cells Could Make Transplants and Dialysis Obsolete

07 November 2012

A recently published article in the Journal of the American Society Nephrology (JASN) indicates that patients’ own kidney cells can be gathered and reprogrammed, which means that in the future, fewer patients with kidney disease would need complicated, expensive procedures that affect their quality of life. Sharon Ricardo, PhD, from Monash University in Clayton, Austria and [...]

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Menopause and an Overactive Bladder

02 November 2012

Do you have to plan out your day in accordance with the proximity of a bathroom?  Are you constantly delaying consumption of liquids in order to avoid a situation where you are dashing for the restroom?  And are you between the ages of 40 and 55?  Then you may be one of the many women [...]

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Relationship Between Kidney Cancer and Arsenic Found

24 October 2012

A new study in the Journal of Urology finds that people with moderately elevated levels of arsenic in their urine may have an increased risk of kidney cancer, especially if they have high blood pressure and kidney disease.  This does not necessarily mean that arsenic leads to kidney cancers.  Researchers report that one possibility [...]

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Study Finds Another Risk of Fall in Blood Pressure During Dialysis

17 October 2012

A recent study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that there is an increased risk of blood clotting at the point where the patient’s blood vessels are connected to the dialysis machine known as the point of vascular access.  Researchers from the University of Utah also contributed to the study.  [...]

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Weight Loss Eases Urinary Incontinence in Heavy Women

17 September 2012

Leslee L. Subak, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco, and colleagues, reported in a January issue of the New England Journal of Medicine that weight loss may significantly improve urinary incontinence for overweight and obese women.  A loss of about 17 pounds in an extensive six-moth diet and exercise program reduced the average [...]

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Urinary Incontinence is More Frequent Among White than Black Women

19 August 2012

Elisa R. Trobridge, MD, of the University of Virginia, and colleagues have found that urinary incontinence occurs in more than twice as many white women as black women.  The reasons are not known; neither frequency of symptoms nor risk factors explained the difference.  The results were reported in the April issue of the Journal of [...]

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